Diddy Speaks Out

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In what some are considering hypocritical, Diddy took to his Snapchat to weigh in on the upcoming Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Pay-Per-View boxing match. Says that there is "Too much coonery, bufoonery going on. The culture is getting killed." Acknowledges that he has been the "worst of the bunch at times" and has the experience to advise Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to stop. 

I have to agree with Diddy and I'm glad that people like him and Wendy Williams have spoken out against the upcoming boxing match. The whole thing is childish and since both them are musicians, they should have channeled their energy into their music. We all like diss records and this beef could have been played out on wax. There is no reason a "social media" argument should have escalated to a Pay-Per-View boxing match. Check out Diddy's Snapchat rant below and leave your thoughts on the entire situation in the comment section. 

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