Rihanna Reveals 'Anti' Album Artwork

Fans of Rihanna were in for a treat this morning when she posted the artwork and official title to her forthcoming eight album, we now know is titled 'Anti.' The album cover was unveiled Wednesday at the MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles. The artwork depicts a future queen Rihanna with a crown blinding her covering her eyes holding a balloon in front of a blood red background.

Those of you who may be familiar with the Illuminati know that the color scheme for the artwork is very telling as red is the color of sacrifice. The Illuminati likes to map out their plans in plain site before they go through with them.
The colour of blood is nat-urally connected with the idea of sacrifice…It has also a darker side, connected with the flames of hell, the appearance of demons, the apoplectic face of rage.
Scarlet was the distinctive colour of the Order of the Golden Fleece, established in 1429 by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-67). (1)
Red is the color of fire, and fire was to the Egyptians the symbol of the regeneration and the purification of souls. Hence, in the Masonic system, red is the symbol of regeneration. Thus red is the color assigned to the Royal Arch Degree since that degree teaches the regeneration of life. (2)" - Major Colors of the Illuminati Cult
'Anti' will most def be an album to watch for after it's release and at the current time, the official release date is "coming soon." Your thoughts?

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