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With everyone wanting to be a DJ these days, getting work as a mobile DJ isn't as easy people may like to think, which is why I, like so many DJs, have resorted to seeking potential gigs off of Craigslist. About a week ago, I saw an ad seeking a versatile DJ for a bar in Old Town Alexandria, VA that piqued my interest. I reached out to Patty and had a brief phone interview. She asked me couple of questions and asked me if I could come in and listen to her current DJ to get a feel for the bar and the type of music that is played. She instructed me to not speak to the DJ at all because she did not want him to know that she is looking for other DJs. I told her that I would come out the following night. 

Looking For DJ's (Old Town Alexandria)

compensation: To be discussed at interview.
The Bayou Room in Old Town Alexandria is looking for DJ's for Sunday , Monday , Tuesday and Thursday nights and is now conducting interviews. Music format is 70's 80's 90's and Top 40 and high energy dance. Please discuss music format with manager during interview. Requirements DJ's must be able to mix and transition between songs no dead air space and no train wrecking. (Must know how to beat match as well) Must have a versatile and large music library. If interested please call  show contact info and ask for Patty to schedule an interview. Must be 21 and over. "

The following night arrives and I set out to make a 56 minute journey to the bar. I had never been to Old Town Alexandria and I thought the area was nice. When I arrived at the bar, I was underwhelmed as it is a very small bar. The DJ booth is actually behind the bar in a corner. I ordered a drink and proceeded to listen to what the DJ was playing - top 40 pop songs during commercial breaks of a football game. After the conclusion of the game, he began playing house music. I was vibing to his selection of tracks and mentally applauded him for being able to blend properly. I listened to him for about an hour before I proceeded to go have my meeting with Patty. 

I eventually find Patty and reminded her that we spoke the previous night and that I was there about the DJ job. We proceeded to meet in one of the sectioned off dining areas where I answered the same questions that I was asked over the telephone the night before - how long I have been DJ'ing, the type of music I play, my availability, etc.. I let her talk and she explained what her vision was and why she was trying to replace her current DJ. She said that she was looking for a DJ that keeps up with current music trends, is energetic, dances while DJ'ing, utilizes the microphone to announce 'last call' and to politely usher people out of the bar at closing. Said that her current DJ is 'boring' in her opinion as he does not do any of that. I was asked to provide samples of my work and I informed her that I had emailed her links to 3 of mixes and a copy of my resume. She said that she didn't get it... I told her that I sent the email at 7:52pm the night before. After searching through her email, she realized that she had in fact received the email.

After unsuccessfully being able to listen to any of the mixes due to the poor cellular reception in the building, she invited me to come back for an audition, from 7-8pm. Said to bring my DJ equipment and laptop and to be sure to leave the DJ booth exactly how I found it so that her DJ wouldn't know that another DJ was there. I agreed to all of this. When the day comes for me to audition, I arrived in the area earlier than expected. I walked around a bit and when it came close to 7pm, I got my equipment out of the trunk then proceeded to the bar. Her Maitre d' informed me that she hadn't arrived and that she would be there soon - he actually had no idea that I was even supposed to be auditioning. It was about 6:35pm when I arrived and after a hour of waiting for Patty to show up, I asked the Maitre d' if he could call her to find out where she was. He asked me if I had her number and I responded 'no!' I asked him if he had it and could call her. Dude says to me that if I wanted the job, I would sit and wait. He went on to hype up the bar saying that each and every Friday and Saturday night, the bar is packed until 2am. I waited until about 7:52pm and then I left.

I return home close to 9pm and at 9:21, as I'm eating, my phone rings. I didn't bother to look to see who was calling as I was annoyed at the fact that Patty wasted my time. When I finally looked to see who had called, it was Patty, calling from the bar. She left a message that wasn't checked until the next morning where she apparently apologizes and uses the poor excuse of "family emergency." I'm sympathetic to any emergency that may have occurred but in all honesty, I sincerely doubt that there was an emergency. Just a owner who neglected to follow through with the audition that she scheduled. Granted, everyone operates their businesses differently but it escapes as to why her management staff was not informed of the audition, why didn't she call, text, or email at a down point during the so called emergency to inform me and/or her staff of her tardiness. 

I didn't return her call and I will own up to lacking proper judgment when dealing with a shady business owner. I'm not hurting for coins or anything of that nature. I wanted to a venue to spin in during the week and she had an opening for it. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out well for me but I'm sure something better.

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